• “ESTrategias en ECOsistemas con Realidad Aumentada” Strategies in ECOsystems with Augmented Reality

  • Part of an urban environment with Industry and Transport acting as active factors

  • Three of those which have influence on environments: Industry, Construction and Farming

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Augmented Reality to Ecosystem Service

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The full game is now available for free download here.

Welcome to estARteco: the augmented reality free game that will help you to appreciate the value of ecosystems and their complex balance. The game has been developed by the Virtual and Augmented Reality area of ITCL

The game is divided in 4 levels of increasing difficulty. In each one you will have to balance ecological health and those environmental factors that form the environment, bearing in mind the social and economic impact that your actions may cause.   
Your actions will shape the three different environments that constitute the game: a city, a forest area and a seaside village. You will realize how rivers are more or less polluted, how emissions increase or decrease, how traffic is optimized… along with many more surprises.
Be the fastest one in balancing ecosystems, answer the test questions correctly and you will be the best.

estARteco is a game, a didactic resource and augmented reality, all in one.

Try the free online demo here.





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