Demo Application



This demo displays a sample from the full game. Tough it has limited functionality, it showcases augmented reality, how it works, and may encourage to download and install the full game when it will be available. 

This demo shows part of the city and three factors (Transport, Industry and Consumerism) 

A webcam connected to your PC is needed in order to download the markers on the right on this webpage. Print them and focus the webcam onto them so that 3D objects are displayed in the game. 

By bringing closer or taking away each one of the city markers you will be able to see how some objects are changed, additionally, a text remarking actions taken will appear. 

The full game consists of 3 different environments and up to 12 factors, as well as many more effects caused by your actions. Your skills in balancing all factors will be necessary so that the objective of achieving good ecological health is fulfilled, bearing in mind both social and economic impacts caused while pursuing that goal.