FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, to solve possible questions about the game estarteco



    What is estARteco?


esARteco is an augmented reality game developed by ITCL in collaboration with Funcadación Biodiversidad and Banca Cívica in order to showcase how ecosystems evolve in relation to actions which affect the environment.


    Why donate?


We want to cover the cost of the development with donations. If you like it and you think it is useful, you can donate so we will be able to plan new initiatives like this.



    ¿What is augmented reality?


Augmented reality is a technology that allows to combine the real and virtual worlds, by embedding virtual images in real time video. This technology enhances reality with virtual 3D information. Markers such as those that need to be cut out in order to play estARteco are usually used for displaying augmented reality objects. 


    ¿When will estarteco be released?

Release date is due in February; please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for additional information.